here in my room

I like times like this sometimes. A little alone time to  think things through. Just me and my thoughts and no other voices lingering. I can choose to connect and disconnect with the real world. I find peace today; for tomorrow will be a blinding-light-in-the-midst-of-the-dark.

If man can live alone his entire existence it would be peaceful. You have no one to argue with. No one to make you feel sorry about yourself. No one to compete with. No one to feel jealous about. No one will take what you have. No expectations. No one to love you, therefore no one to cause you pain and disappointment. It would have been a quiet world.

Yet, there would be no purpose. No inspiration. No reason to move or live. No melody nor harmony. There would be no achievements. No direction. The world would then be nothing.

Then I go back and tell myself that after this alone time, I need to go back to the cruel world. The world I so hate and so love all at the same time. The world I want to leave but want to live in. My enemy and companion. THE everything.



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It’s time to make a change

In a world of digital era, where social media exists, cloud storage is made available and online photo printing is more accessible; it becomes equally important and difficult to keep one’s Privacy. Websites try as hard as they can to provide layer after layer of security to protect people’s privacy when signing up to their sites. There are password requirements that seemed more complicated than calculus, security questions that are sometimes too hard to remember yourself and double log in process that can be really annoying.

On the other hand, users tend to act carelessly leaving all security measures irrelevant. Most people use the same password for their entire log ins so that they don’t forget or even worse, write passwords on a piece of paper. When asked to reset passwords after 75 days to ensure that passwords are not compromise, users opt to waive. Some users don’t log out properly even when using unsecured connections. When using social media, they post everything and anything such as complete addresses, private photos and check in every hour of the day.

Privacy is a joint effort like any other thing in the world. It is a given entitlement but one should care enough to protect it and be vigilant about it in terms of what they do and how they do things. How about:

• Think of a password that is not too personal but can still be associated to things that are easy for you to remember such as using a phrase.
• Follow prompts to change passwords after certain number of days
• Use keypass – an application that you can install to store password information
• Avoid using 1 password for all log ins. Use letters or numbers to help you remember.

You, what do you do to protect your privacy; in the digital world and real world?

What it takes for you to care?

It’s a holiday.

It’s winter.

It’s the perfect day to sleep in.


My husband got ready for his shift (because his job requires him to be at work even on holidays) and as he started the car, it didn’t.  But because it’s a holiday, I don’t have to be at work and it’s the perfect day to sleep in, I forgot it is winter. I forgot to plug the car in overnight and it was -31 C real feel. Now I’m not at all surprised the car won’t start.


We tend to neglect the things that don’t affect us or bother us. We tend to dismiss the importance of events because it does not relate to us. It probably reflects that each of us is selfish at some degree or that some of us simply don’t care. If we follow this train of thought, it is simple then how we can engage people; how we can make them care and how we can make people get involved. On important issues such as peace and global warming or even about faith – we can engage people by making it all about them; all about each individual person. We have the idea of a solution but how to make it happen is entirely a different story. And how to make an idea work is another totally different conversation. But maybe after each of us comes to the conclusion that these issues such as peace, global warming and drug problems affects us, then maybe we will start to care, we will start to get involve.