When in Baguio

I am almost convinced that opposites do attract. Just like people who live in countries with freezing winter is attracted to go on vacation to tropical countries. Law breakers attract police’s attention can also be an example. When I met my husband, I knew we are opposites. He’s funny, I’m not; he’s friendly I’m a snob; he’s patient, I’m absolutely not.  The worst that I didn’t like about us being different is his non-interest in traveling. With a lot of persuasion and sweet-talk, slowly and eventually I was able to drag him to visit places. I had to start small – local.

Six-hour travel by bus from the city, we went up the mountains to Baguio and stayed there for a couple of nights. It’s not a surprise that it was my husband’s first time to see the place and I was eager to show him around.

I brought him to a beautiful Botanical Garden with butterfly sanctuary. At the gates, there are Aetas wearing native costumes and you can take photos with them too.

We visited Mines View Park where the view of the mountains is amusing. You can ride a horse for a fee or just have a photo taken on it. I know nothing about riding horses but would really love to try it so we paid for a photo. There are also hand-made items you can buy for souvenirs.

Wright Park was our next stop where we ate the famous strawberry tofu with syrup. This is famous because Baguio has a huge strawberry farm where you can pick strawberries yourself.

Right across Wright Park is the Mansion. They say this is where the president stays when in Baguio. It is not open to public and the gates are closed and guarded. You can only take photos from outside the gate which is kind of disappointing.

At night, there’s midnight market on the streets where you can buy signature clothes and imported goods for cheaper price. I heard there’s really good finds but we went to Burnham Park Lagoon instead because it’s close to the hotel where we were staying and pretended to be in a Bench commercial. We rented a boat and enjoyed the quiet, big, bright moon – so romantic!

Opposites do attract for good reasons. Both are able to see the other side of the world that they are not aware of. My husband saw the beauty of wandering to places and I realized I would make a nice a tour guide.