looking ahead

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you how much I’m looking forward to the coming week.

members-of-queen-city-cosplay-at-fan-expo-regina-held-at-can3There’s Fan Expo tomorrow and we’re going. I’m not particularly excited about it but my husband is. It started when we were at the mall a couple weeks ago and he saw this ironman helmet on display.

I don’t recall that ironman is his favorite but that night he was all over the internet watching YouTube of how to create your own ironman helmet and suit. This little project has kept him up most nights since then. Wow! I have such high regard for people who have such talent.

Three months postpartum I finally had time to do my nails and I have amazingly gotten faster. It used to take me four hours give or take to do mani-pedi. Yesterday, I did it for a good hour and a half and the result isn’t too bad.

How did I do it? I had a little help from Danni (the dog) to distract baby and a baby rocker. My ‘lil angel is starting to mumble and rumble some sounds and we had a nice chat while doing my nails. Wow! I sometimes have such high regard for my being persistent.

I’m not excited that classes will start next weekend but I am motivated that in four months, this can finally be all over. I am so done studying and can’t wait to get it all done once and for all.

A cousin of mine is taking her residency and in a few more years she’d be a doctor. Another cousin of mine is taking up law and maybe in a couple more years I’d be calling her attorney. Wow! I have such high regard for people who have such patience.

My coming week would probably be in the four corners of a library study room. That is certainly not a very cheerful idea to spend the week but t is a means to my most awaited end so it is encouraging. Now I’m totally looking forward to it!



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In our efforts to keep our lives private, we tend to build a facade of the very person who we truly are not. It is interesting to note too that while we do this unfathomable gesture, we expect everyone to believe otherwise. It’s not just complex but odd.


People’s perception of us is mainly based on what we project and not the other way around. Thus, it is politically incorrect to rationalize our appalling manners to mean that we are only trying to embody what others are saying that we are.


I may seem to be going around in circles but the truth is I am being straightforward. Everything is not what it seems after all. If your life could be summed up as a number, what would it be? As for now, mine would be 80 not because I was given it. It is because I caused it to be it.