Make time

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you it’s been a very busy week and I bet you had a busy one too.

I had a long weekend before this. One Monday was a local holiday and I took the Friday off before that. I feel that I need to spend more time at home with my Mom, who’s going back home pretty soon and with my son, who’s growing too fast for me to catch up.

Time can be really tricky as we know. We always have more things that we want to accomplish in such so little time.

One of my co-workers went on holidays so I had to cover for her at work. This is an unfamiliar task to me and although she showed me the things that I needed to do, it still wasn’t that easy.

I was counting down the days until she comes back and each day before turning on my computer, I cross my finger that there’s nothing for the day that I can’t handle.

I made sure that I was careful, about sending queries, communications or responses on her behalf. I didn’t want her to come back and find her work in chaos. I did all these while still doing my own tasks; Not easy but of course, not impossible.

We are faced with new challenges everyday and we always have a choice – take it and grow or leave it and be who we are yesterday – same and unimproved.

I found this new app and downloaded it on my mobile phone. It’s like any social media application but focuses on prose and poetry.

I instantly fell in love with it because it gave me a window to witness all those creativity overflowing out there around the world.

I remember back in high school I would scribble poems on my notes during class. It worked well for me because it appears I’m listening and taking notes and get to enjoy the boring classes. Ha!

-> Time can be, most of the time, against us. It goes so fast when we’re working on something important and when we needed more time. It goes by so slow when we’re early for a meeting and waiting for someone or something. But we have to remember that 24 hours is enough. It is all about knowing what’s important, planning and making time.

Update Required!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you it’s been a busy week altogether and I bet you had a busy one too.


I recently got back to work and I’ve been dealing with coping up to so many changes. I was away for about a year and it was naive and a bit stupid for me to think that I’d be going back to the same things.

For the most part, yes, I still hold the same position and I’m still part of the same department. I still sit on the same boring, neatly arranged table and my old files for storage still sit under my desk.

A week after coming back, management decided to move me to a new team and gave me a new account that is totally different than what I’ve been doing which happened right after the refresher meeting I had with my old senior. Hah!


I got married in 2015 but a part of me didn’t want to let go of my family name. For one, I don’t particularly like my husband’s last name. I felt it didn’t fit me yet. That has nothing to do with love at all, purely aesthetic.

Now, I’ve decided to change my name to take my husband’s last name. Whew! This is it! It’s funny though because when I went to have my driver’s license updated, the agent asked me to sign electronically to complete my application and it hit me! I haven’t really thought about that yet.

Overall, I’ve got the important ones done but I still got a long list – banks, phone company, membership organizations, insurances, etc.

-> Change is the only thing constant in the world and we need to take it, embrace it and live with it. I remind myself that I need to look at the good sides of change for growth to be more effective and fruitful. We love the old but it’s time for the new!

I wait

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that the coming weeks would be all about waiting for me. Patience they say is a virtue and to be honest, when God showered patience all over the world, I was probably sleeping as I did not get much.


Pass Or Fail Keys To Show Exam Or Test Results
It has been a week now since I took the common final exam for my degree and it was grueling to say the least. I did not have much confidence as the days come closer to the exam but I had to do it and try as best I can to pass. There are at least 3,000 examinees across the country and because we had to write cases instead of an objective type of test, it’ll take about a couple of months to find out the results.

So for the coming weeks, I will be waiting. Waiting and hoping that my best was enough to get me that letter that tells me I made it. Until then, my mornings would just be a countdown and my nights would still be sleepless.


I haven’t spent Christmas home for the past 4 years and indeed it felt like forever. It’s not just because I live in a different country now but because my whole clan, my band of friends, my pets and all the people who make Christmas the best season of all is miles and miles away from me.

This year I have a chance to spend it the way I used to – with the people dear to me, with the tradition I grew up with, with the scent of holidays in the morning and at a place that I will forever call home. It will be about 5 years before I get this chance again so you can imagine my excitement and anticipation.

For the next couple of months, I will be waiting. Waiting and looking forward to the day I fly back home. Until then, my mornings would just be countdowns and my nights would be filled with dreams of home.

Each of our days is a wait time – for something we want to happen or something we hope does not happen. Either way, all we can do is sit tight, enjoy the moments in between and celebrate as we come closer to most awaited day.


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looking ahead

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you how much I’m looking forward to the coming week.

members-of-queen-city-cosplay-at-fan-expo-regina-held-at-can3There’s Fan Expo tomorrow and we’re going. I’m not particularly excited about it but my husband is. It started when we were at the mall a couple weeks ago and he saw this ironman helmet on display.

I don’t recall that ironman is his favorite but that night he was all over the internet watching YouTube of how to create your own ironman helmet and suit. This little project has kept him up most nights since then. Wow! I have such high regard for people who have such talent.

Three months postpartum I finally had time to do my nails and I have amazingly gotten faster. It used to take me four hours give or take to do mani-pedi. Yesterday, I did it for a good hour and a half and the result isn’t too bad.

How did I do it? I had a little help from Danni (the dog) to distract baby and a baby rocker. My ‘lil angel is starting to mumble and rumble some sounds and we had a nice chat while doing my nails. Wow! I sometimes have such high regard for my being persistent.

I’m not excited that classes will start next weekend but I am motivated that in four months, this can finally be all over. I am so done studying and can’t wait to get it all done once and for all.

A cousin of mine is taking her residency and in a few more years she’d be a doctor. Another cousin of mine is taking up law and maybe in a couple more years I’d be calling her attorney. Wow! I have such high regard for people who have such patience.

My coming week would probably be in the four corners of a library study room. That is certainly not a very cheerful idea to spend the week but t is a means to my most awaited end so it is encouraging. Now I’m totally looking forward to it!



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the hats I wear

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that it has been a calm week which can be a miracle if you have a three month old infant like me. Contrary to what most people would say, I find myself having more time to think as I put my little angel to sleep or as I stare at his face as he doze off at night. This week was so calm I thought about all the roles I play in this world.


Thirty some years ago I was just like my little angel; a daughter to newbie parents whom I would like to think enjoyed my introduction to the world and to their budding married life. Before I was anybody, I was first a daughter. It would probably be the easiest role I ever played in this universe. Except when I started school and expectations were set. It was mostly my dad who had so many outlooks or so I thought. In retrospect, it was probably me who set that expectation for wanting to please my parents and the desire to make them proud of me. I would say I succeeded for the most part.

Five years after, I became an older sister. It was not a breeze I have to say. It was probably the very first obstacle I had to overcome in life. The age gap did not make it easier – thanks to my parents. It took a while before my sister and I got along and now we’re inseparable. We live miles apart, we seldom talk these days because we’re both preoccupied with our own lives and busy living the life we’ve dreamed for ourselves but we are together in heart. I’d say this role is also my first victory.
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Part of growing up is being exposed outside the comforts of your home. And not having my family beside me all the time eventually pushed me to making friends, building a circle of people I can call “family”. I made some real good friends and some transitory ones too. I then took on the role of a friend. I’m not an easy person to get along with. I don’t think I’d like myself so much if I meet myself for the first time so I can totally relate to others. Having to trust people you’ve only met and giving them an opportunity to hurt you because you care is not that simple. Making friends is not a simple handshake for me. It takes more than just a couple of coffee breaks or compliments to feel another person’s sincerity. I was never miss congeniality but I did find real treasures – friends till the end.
Vms batch 3

Among friends I met a guy whom I did not like. Ironically, I ended up marrying him and now I am happiest. It’s a pretty long romance story which is for another coffee share so I’d skip it for now. I’m a lot of things that is unnatural. I am not very domestic. I have always been the career-oriented wife so it was a bit strange to take on the role of a wife. I’m still working on it and I think I will be a work in progress here.

I started out as a couple’s child and now I have one of my own. I think about my parents and how they were with me, how they helped me become the person that I am now. I think about how I would play a role in my little angel’s personality, behaviour, being and life. It’s a delicate role and sometimes I am worried, afraid and scared. But I tell myself, I’ve handled so many other roles in the past and this is a new challenge that I’m going to enjoy and endure.

We wear so many different hats in our lifetime and each is a diverse challenge. It requires full attention, dedication and patience. We’re humans and if we end up not living up to expectations, it should be fine; we should be fine. We’re allowed a few wrong turns and missed intersections along the way as long as we try to find our way back and go the right path.

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going back

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that this week forward is all about going back.


It’s been almost three months since I had my tiny human whom I love so dear. Maternity leave isn’t the best kind of holiday leave that one would instantly enjoy. I’m enjoying my baby angel of course but all the sleepless nights and figuring-out-baby-cries isn’t exactly super fun. Now I figured it’s been too long to have all my days seem the same – wake up, shower, hang out with my tiny human, sleep and then repeat.


Going back.. to reading

In fear of boring myself to death before I went on maternity leave (which is kind of stupid to think I’d be bored at all), I bought the series of Game of Thrones book. I love the TV series and I’m pretty sure it’s way better in the books. I haven’t gone far on the first book. It’s a good read but there’s barely chance for me to read. I do make time at night while holding my little angel to sleep. That’s enough for now – a chapter a night.


Going back.. to exercise

I had to wait till I’m completely healed from the pregnancy and giving birth before I start on any exercise. I started on some simple crunch exercises to tone down the baby pooch and some leg exercises for the thighs. It’s frustrating that most of my jeans and shirts seemed like they belong to someone else when I tried them on. I knew this would’ve happened. It’s annoying but it’s not too late. So I’m going back to the gym in a couple more weeks. We’ll see if the work outs would work out.


Going back.. to school

I went back to school in 2014, a year after I moved in this foreign land that I now call home. I’ve been through a lot of modules and courses. It was not easy going back to school especially because I’m already done with school a long time ago and I’ve been working for so long I don’t remember how to do home works no more. Well, finally if I keep on passing, I’d be done in the fall.


Going back.. to Toastmasters

I took a break from my public speaking club since I got pregnant. There were too many things going on at that time with work, school, my husband and the weather. I’m pretty excited to go back and write speeches again. I am looking forward to meeting the new members of the club and participating in so many activities.


Going back.. home

I’ve waited so long for this year. This is the year that I get to go back to my home country and celebrate the holidays with my family. I’ve already started my list of things that I need to buy for my aunties, cousins, friends and god children. It’s been too long since I’ve spent Christmas at home so this year’s going to be a blast for sure.


I’ve seen the migratory birds flying back to Wascana Park in the morning. That was the mark. This is the beginning. This year is sure to go through fast with all these things that I’m going back to.





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#weekendcoffeeshare: my tiny human

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you all about my 6-week old little angel. It has been a roller coaster ride since I had him. I am both excited and exhausted spending all of the hours in a day with this tiny human.


He got sick 3 weeks ago and we had to stay in the hospital for about a week. Couple weeks later, he was better and I got sick. I caught a really bad flu and I had fever going up and down all day for a week.

It was funny because one day I just got tired of being sick and laying there so I got up and told myself – I’m fine now. And then I was fine.

I thought my husband was going to be sick after then because it seems to be the going trend at home but thankfully he did not. Whew!

I once told myself, when I become a mom, I’m not going to be the cliché’ mother who talks non-stop about their kids. I haven’t been successful because my last 3 blogs and poems were about my child or a child in general and here I am writing my first weekend coffee share talking about my baby. Hah!

Speaking of the tiny angel, he’s awake; gotta go!