I wait

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that the coming weeks would be all about waiting for me. Patience they say is a virtue and to be honest, when God showered patience all over the world, I was probably sleeping as I did not get much.


Pass Or Fail Keys To Show Exam Or Test Results
It has been a week now since I took the common final exam for my degree and it was grueling to say the least. I did not have much confidence as the days come closer to the exam but I had to do it and try as best I can to pass. There are at least 3,000 examinees across the country and because we had to write cases instead of an objective type of test, it’ll take about a couple of months to find out the results.

So for the coming weeks, I will be waiting. Waiting and hoping that my best was enough to get me that letter that tells me I made it. Until then, my mornings would just be a countdown and my nights would still be sleepless.


I haven’t spent Christmas home for the past 4 years and indeed it felt like forever. It’s not just because I live in a different country now but because my whole clan, my band of friends, my pets and all the people who make Christmas the best season of all is miles and miles away from me.

This year I have a chance to spend it the way I used to – with the people dear to me, with the tradition I grew up with, with the scent of holidays in the morning and at a place that I will forever call home. It will be about 5 years before I get this chance again so you can imagine my excitement and anticipation.

For the next couple of months, I will be waiting. Waiting and looking forward to the day I fly back home. Until then, my mornings would just be countdowns and my nights would be filled with dreams of home.

Each of our days is a wait time – for something we want to happen or something we hope does not happen. Either way, all we can do is sit tight, enjoy the moments in between and celebrate as we come closer to most awaited day.


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See the leaves as they turn yellow
As the wind chills and bellow
Watch each Leaf fall onto the ground
Ever so softly without making a sound

Turn the page of an ending book
Commit to memory the time it took
To bid goodbye to a noble character
The final Leaf you’ll remember long after

In autumn a Leaf says farewell
When they’re all gone, it is winter you can tell
As the gloom fades and the sun shine stronger
A leaf shall spring back and bloom to summer

Pick a new manuscript and turn the first Leaf
A wonderful adventure is like new belief
New beginning after each ending
Promise of forever unwinding

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looking ahead

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you how much I’m looking forward to the coming week.

members-of-queen-city-cosplay-at-fan-expo-regina-held-at-can3There’s Fan Expo tomorrow and we’re going. I’m not particularly excited about it but my husband is. It started when we were at the mall a couple weeks ago and he saw this ironman helmet on display.

I don’t recall that ironman is his favorite but that night he was all over the internet watching YouTube of how to create your own ironman helmet and suit. This little project has kept him up most nights since then. Wow! I have such high regard for people who have such talent.

Three months postpartum I finally had time to do my nails and I have amazingly gotten faster. It used to take me four hours give or take to do mani-pedi. Yesterday, I did it for a good hour and a half and the result isn’t too bad.

How did I do it? I had a little help from Danni (the dog) to distract baby and a baby rocker. My ‘lil angel is starting to mumble and rumble some sounds and we had a nice chat while doing my nails. Wow! I sometimes have such high regard for my being persistent.

I’m not excited that classes will start next weekend but I am motivated that in four months, this can finally be all over. I am so done studying and can’t wait to get it all done once and for all.

A cousin of mine is taking her residency and in a few more years she’d be a doctor. Another cousin of mine is taking up law and maybe in a couple more years I’d be calling her attorney. Wow! I have such high regard for people who have such patience.

My coming week would probably be in the four corners of a library study room. That is certainly not a very cheerful idea to spend the week but t is a means to my most awaited end so it is encouraging. Now I’m totally looking forward to it!



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TGIF – hello spring!

It’s been a great week.. thank God it’s Friday!


This has been a much awaited week because the weather’s better, a little crappy but we’re finally saying goodbye to winter. There’s rain shower here and there but I’d rather have that than negative temperatures and snow. I’ve had enough of the winter snow.


I never liked snow and even after I moved to Canada from a tropical country, I have never liked the snow. I don’t enjoy shovelling piles of snow so I can walk without tripping. I don’t find it cute to wear mittens (I can barely touch anything) when it’s -35 degrees celsius out. I get tired of wearing furry boots after a week in winter. I can go on and on with this really.


I remember whenever I go for vacation at my home country; my friends would always joke about me bringing them snow. They like the snow because they don’t have it. They think it’s fashionable to wear heavy winter coat and furry boots and a variety of thick scarves you can barely move your head.


We tend to take things for granted because they’re close at hand and always available or within reach. We tend to miss enjoying the things that we have that others long to get. We tend to forget to appreciate what is right before our eyes.


So I’m glad winter is over but I made a promise to myself that next winter, I will play crazy in the snow, I will build a snow man, I will take beautiful photos of tree branches crowned with snow and have winter fashion fun.


I’m still glad winter’s over and don’t want to sound overly excited about the next but I’ll try to like it. For now, hello spring! I’m so glad you’re here.





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