A touch

The very first was when he held me
Warm and tight on my upper arm
As we cross the street so uncalm
Leading the way, leading me

All these began inside the movie house
where lights are out and the cold was so much
Him beside me his hands like mouse
Creeping on my hands slowly to touch

It all started as we were strolling
Uncomfortable and so uneasy walking
Placing his hand over my shoulder hesitantly
Even tried on the hips coz I made it no easy

As he held my hand so cold
While his so warm and heavy
He planted a kiss in it so lightly
It lasted a while then tightened his hold

All about your craft


In my entire blogging experience which has not been too long, there are two things I found to be true. I’d like to share that on today’s two things Tuesday.

  1. Know yourself

It is quite impossible to share your work to others if you haven’t decided what you really want. Ask yourself, why do you write? Why do you want to write? Identify your purpose for writing.

In the beginning I was just writing for myself or so I thought. I didn’t care if anyone read my blogs or if anyone actually like them. It was more of overcoming confidence then. I didn’t trust myself that I can write. I didn’t believe myself that I have things to say that is worth other people’s time.

I had a lot of struggles – inconsistency, lack of focus, short of reason, waiting for inspiration, writers’ block and the list goes on. I needed to know my strengths and use them and identify my weaknesses so I can find ways to turn them into strengths. That is easier said than done. But I did it and everyday I choose to do it.

It helped a lot getting to know myself. I found my purpose and I found fulfillment.

  1. Know others

You may tell yourself “I write for myself” but the fact that you publish your work means you want people to care about the things you care about. You want readers to take in what you say and ponder on it. Because if you truly are just writing for yourself, you don’t need to blog; you just need a notebook and start a diary.

Knowing others does not mean you have to write for other people. It’s just equally important to know other people (may it be your follower, the general public or whoever) so you can consider them when you write.

Consider others in the sense that, you need to write stronger blogs to intrigue your readers. Or offer your readers something after reading your article or your poem. Your readers do not have to agree with you on what you write but the essence of sharing your craft is to provoke them or affect them.

I always think of writing (or sharing your craft) as a two-way street. You give and you get or you give and other people take.

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I love to read. My first paperback novel was Shadow Dancers which I read when I was 9. I have literally read it and have no recollection of any chapter of it. What I can remember is what my mom told me the story was about. So I guess, one could argue that I have not read it at all.


I became fascinated with reading after then. In high school I was over-enthusiastic with R.L. Stine books. They are horror / suspense type of teen pocketbooks that the villain always ends up to be the one person who you wouldn’t think is the villain. It’s amazing how your preferences mature over time. If I read those books now, I would say it’s pretty lame and obvious but in high school, it was simply the best. I also read Sweet Valley High especially the diary editions. I have always thought having an identical twin is awesome.


Then I met Anne Rice. I was in love! I fell in love with the vampire Lestat until today. No other vampire story is more real than Anne Rice’s.

So then I thought about the Bible. I’ve read so many books but I haven’t read the Bible. If you think about it, I probably read twice as much as the pages of the Bible but for some reason, I could not find the time to finish it. I attempted several times to read it from Genesis to the very end of the New Testament. I have tried everything. In all those attempts, I have gone as far as Exodus.

So this year, I am challenging myself to finally finish reading the Bible. I downloaded a one-year reading guide for both the old and New Testament. I am still on track as of today so I guess I have potential to meet this goal. It’s interesting to know that the golden rule is not just from some Chinese guru quote but is actually mentioned I the Bible. Some of the other famous phrases I found so far are:

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.

“So do not be afraid of them. There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.

There are lots of sights and mobile applications out there but I find this https://www.biblegateway.com/ the best. It has reading plans, different versions of the bible and features such as being able to highlight or bookmark a favourite passage or even a chapter.