TGIF – the end

It’s been a great week.. thank God it’s Friday!

I know for sure that you are one with the rest of us who are happy it’s Friday. Another week has ended and we can set aside the worries of work and enjoy the calmness of home surrounded by family. We get to shut down our work mode and just be.. sluggish.

Beyond that, Friday reminds us that everything shall come to an end. That to every Monday is a Friday. To every start is an end. More importantly, not all endings are to be construed as sad. Not all that ends should be heartbreaking.

I just finished a book today and the characters have grown on me. It took me a while longer to finish this one not because it was a bad one but because of all the other things that happens in any one’s life – work, husband, children, chores, etc.

During those times that I was reading, it almost felt like I was part of the story. I was part of a different world. As the book was coming to an end, I had wanted not to end it but I also wanted to know how it will conclude its plot. I almost didn’t want to finish it because a part of me will miss the characters. But things that begin have an end.

The end of a book marks a beginning to a new one. The last part of the movie can be the prologue to a sequel. The fading words to a song means you can play another one. The close of the mall says you can come back tomorrow. The end of a week signifies a start to a brand new week to explore.

So let us not see the end as a period to a sentence. Let us not see the finish as the conclusion of the story. Because we all get a fresh start as the week begins on Monday.

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the past is back

I tried my best to choose what is right
And set aside my feelings as hard as I might
All along I believed it to be fine
Only to find that I don’t hold what is mine

I thought about it a hundred times
I closed my eyes and feel the rhymes
Each line on the poem left me a mark
Remembering the flaw that was so stark

Mistake, error, slip or blunder
It hit me hard just like thunder
What am I to do to escape the misery?
The terror of hate and agony



We created our own world

It will be you and me till we grow old

We are opposites yet still the same

And so we engraved in a stone our name

We escape reality as we talk every day

The past, the present and dreams we say

I hold your hand so close to my heart

And hope you feel it though we’re apart

I left knowing we will be just fine

I left knowing you will still be mine

We said proper goodbyes with hugs so tight

We said we’ll talk as much as every night

Your eyes were empty when we talked last

Wish I knew why so I can bridge the past

Like milk that turned sour it just happened

A sad fairy tale I never thought would end