that it will not fade

Having a newborn is overwhelming. It is a Vivid memory when I first held him in my arms, in that bright lit room full of people dressed in white and white caps that I don’t recognize. In the middle of what appeared to be a chaotic scene, I found serenity and for a moment, it was just him and I.

Looking back, I try to recall how far and how much I can remember about my childhood and it’s exhausting and frustrating. I wish we could remember right from the day we were born. So I can keep the memories my mom and I had when I first came into the world.

If my little angel can only remember these times that we spend together, how his parents take pride and joy as we carry him in our arms; he would know that he’s safe, loved and cherished.

For now, all I can do is make memories, store them in my heart and make it as Vivid as possible. So that when he’s older, I can tell him all about it just like my mom did.