I was alone

Sitting on a stone

Looking at the sky

I let out a loud sigh

At least before I die

I wouldn’t like to lie

On a bed laid for me

By those who love me

TGIF – simple things

It’s been a wonderful week.. thank God it’s Friday!

I went to the porch with a cup of coffee and stick of cigarette minutes before I went to bed. These are the moments I look forward to each day.

For one, because I get to do the 2 most plain things that I enjoy; Two, because solidarity is pure serenity; and lastly, because I get to ponder about the day, the week, the things I should be grateful about and what tomorrow might bring.

Each night I think about just the simple things that one often forget to be thankful about. And I try to be more positive.

I thought about the day that went by. I’m grateful that I woke up today and was given a chance to spend time with family.

I thought about my mom who dropped her life to be here with me and my new bundle of joy. I’m so happy I get to spend time with her and she gets to spend time with her grandson.

I thought about my husband. He’s not perfect and most of the time I think about my endless list of expectations he failed. But at the end of the day, he’s there for me and I will be here for him. Each day, we choose to love.

I thought about my little angel. He’s awesome and I know it’s hard now that he’s young but I am given an opportunity to hone a person that will make a difference in the world someday.

I thought about autumn. It’s a new season. The leaves shall turn yellow and fall off the tree but it will spring back.. in time.

Happy weekend and may we continue to appreciate the simplest things around us.

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a little

When I was little
I think about love just a little
I look at boys just a little
And nothing more than that

When I grew a little
I think about boys more not little
I look forward to falling in love more not little
I knew there’s more to that

I’m not yet grown up, just a little
I don’t think about boys but one, more than a little
And I think I know love more than when I was little
And I wish there’s more to that

do you believe?

Love conquers all. I would like to blindly believe that statement simply because it should be and the world is a better place if it is true. The thing is it is not that easy to love another person wholly and unconditionally all the time.


Love is achieved once a relationship is established – parent bond, friendship’s triumphant struggles or a strong romantic connection. When I think of my mom, I think she is an epic example of how love conquers all.


My dad is not exactly a model husband to say the least. He’s done quite enough to make a person fall out of love and yet my mom is head over heels still in love with him for the last three decades.


Personally, I think there are two other things that can be more important than love. I think if you are capable of these two things, love will not be impossible. I’d like to share that on today’s two things Tuesday.


1> Trust

Love is based on trust. We feel safe around the people we love because we know we can trust them not to hurt us or lead us to any harm. When we meet someone for the first time, we develop relationships with them as we go along and then we eventually build a circle of trust. That’s how we become friends with people. As time goes, this trust can evolve into something greater such as love.


What happens when they break this bond of trust? What happens when they lie to us or betray us or lead us to harm for their own gain? When trust is broken, it won’t be long enough before we feel that the love we once felt weakens until it is no longer there.


2> Respect

Love is based on respect. We respect our parents, our partners, our friends and for that we love them. I don’t think it is possible to love someone whom you do not respect at all. I don’t think any love can exist without a certain amount of respect.


When people have wronged us, they lose our respect. We think less of them, they become of little value, they are diminished and soon enough our love is reduced if not lost completely.


I think about couples who decide to go their separate ways. Not all of them fell out of love or fell in love with another. In fact, there are those who thought it better to live separate lives and be happy even if they still care and love each other. This happens because trust or respect was lost along the way and as the song would say, “sometimes love just ain’t enough”.


I think it’s a lot more difficult to gain back a lost love if their trust and respect is gone. When love drifts away and seemed to be lost, as long as there’s trust or respect, love can be restored.


Does love conquer all?






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TGIF – mom

It’s been a wonderful week.. thank God it’s Friday!

I spent four years celebrating my mom’s birthday miles away from her. I contented myself with liking her photos on facebook as she celebrated her birthday with her sisters, my sister and her friends. I spent four years hoping that one day, I will get to spend time with her on her birthday too. I spent four long years celebrating Christmas and new year too far away from my mom. I managed to tell myself it’s okay as I greet her happy holidays on video chat. I never stopped wishing that I will be reunited with her and the rest of the family to celebrate holidays just like old times.

It’s been almost three months since she got here for visit from our home country. My happiness is immeasurable. This year we are going to spend birthdays, holidays, Halloween, mother’s day, thanksgiving and everyday together.

Caroline (of TVD) once said, no one is better off without their parents and I couldn’t agree more. I am of age; old enough that I have a child of my own and I still need my mom. The comfort of having someone who will always be on your side cannot be put into words. Life is too short and I cherish every second that I get to spend with my mom.

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why purple is my favorite color

All I know since childhood, purple is my favorite color. Purple is a combination of stable blue and feisty red. It symbolizes wealth, I was once told. I like it and I think it suits me – I prefer stability (not very much of a risk taker) and I am feisty period.

Why Purple is my favorite color – I have no idea. I don’t have too many Purple things to prove it. When I buy clothes, I do like the Purple ones but they can be too loud and a bit harder to pair with other colors.

It can also be too girly which is not exactly my personality. It true is eye-candy and I find Purple things gorgeous but I don’t normally buy them. Purple is my favorite color and I don’t need a reason to like it.

How I ended up with Purple being my favorite color is like how I love. I don’t have to have a reason to love. I just do. And I think it’s the strongest love you can give and share – a love that requires no reason. Reason may fade and disappear but if you love without reason – love will not fade nor disappear.

Why Purple is my favorite color – I have no idea. I think the color chose me rather than I chose it.

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