why purple is my favorite color

All I know since childhood, purple is my favorite color. Purple is a combination of stable blue and feisty red. It symbolizes wealth, I was once told. I like it and I think it suits me – I prefer stability (not very much of a risk taker) and I am feisty period.

Why Purple is my favorite color – I have no idea. I don’t have too many Purple things to prove it. When I buy clothes, I do like the Purple ones but they can be too loud and a bit harder to pair with other colors.

It can also be too girly which is not exactly my personality. It true is eye-candy and I find Purple things gorgeous but I don’t normally buy them. Purple is my favorite color and I don’t need a reason to like it.

How I ended up with Purple being my favorite color is like how I love. I don’t have to have a reason to love. I just do. And I think it’s the strongest love you can give and share – a love that requires no reason. Reason may fade and disappear but if you love without reason – love will not fade nor disappear.

Why Purple is my favorite color – I have no idea. I think the color chose me rather than I chose it.

photo credit: https://en.wikipedia.org


There I was standing amidst the tall trees
The sound so vivid as it linger in my ears
I closed my eyes and let the feeling simmer
Until I realized the sky is getting dimmer

I am surrounded by fine winter snow
And the cold from my fingers crept to my toe
A gorgeous blanket of meek and purity
If not for the cold I’ll stay there for eternity

It matters not what’s to happen next
May it be sorrow, pity or success annex
I will stand still and battle this ground
For in the end I am here bound

It’s tough to know how one should prepare
But some affair you just cannot bear
But fear I will not because I will prevail
I will be equipped with the strength it entail