I find myself in the dark staring at a corner where a shed of light seem to come through. I was never scared of the dark. I grew up understanding that everything isn’t supposed to be all pretty all the time. My solitude is mainly dark nights, alone with my thoughts either about the future – which I try so hard to figure out before it happens or the past – which I try so hard to replay and hope to change. I conclude these nights with a question – how did I ever get this dark? How did I ever become so entangled with things I can never control?

Ironically, no matter how tragic my thoughts appear, would anyone believe that I am not sad? I am merely walking down memory lane when I was with a friend and friends. The cherished memories of knowing that even in solitude I will never be alone. These memories are both happy and nostalgic. Maybe I have a twisted way of looking at things and a really crappy way of being moved by negativity but none of these matters. In the end, I find myself in the dark staring at a corner where a shed of light seem to come through.


It’s amazing how music can drift you off to someplace where you can be alone with your thoughts amidst the blaring crowd that surrounds you.The loud music that fills your brain can actually create clarity within your crowded and corrupted mind. Quiet songs tend to bring your brain’s voice louder and more clear for your own ears to comprehend.


It’s strange how a silent person, sitting on a bus could be having a deadly battle inside his head about colliding ideas, all racing to win a debate. During the silent pauses of each changing melody, one is brought back to where he truly was. And on every song that ended, he noted a story that has ended.


It is an endless search for reason, for blame, for responsibility, for a resolution. It leaves a restless heart when none of these are found. But it is neither a guarantee of peace even if all of these things are unmasked and defined. Then what are all these for after all?


It is then decided – nothing is certain except for beginnings and endings. And it is an endless circle of collaborated events and things that keeps us moving, the world revolving and more changes. For all these then, there is no use to say goodbye – for everything is and will be temporary.

naked truth

The life you lead in entirety

Hidden in thick cloak of variety


Frightened to show a tinge of emotion

Can’t be Exposed even to a portion


Hurt and anguish kept in concealment

Long after the result of torment


Bottle up all hatred and regret

Pretending one day, soon to forget


On the death bed it will be known

All is Exposed beyond the unknown


Stripped of both shame and valor

Lying quiet in eternal stupor

TGIF – promise of today and tomorrow

It’s been a great week.. thank God it’s Friday!


We wish for so many things; endless wants and incessant desires. Our mind is clouded by all the material things and earthly cravings that we even forget to be thankful for the ones we’ve accomplished. We are way too busy checking off our bucket list that we fail to remember to cherish and celebrate the wins which we worked hard for.


More importantly, we disregard the simplest things yet most vital gift that we receive every day. We overlook being thankful for each day that comes when we are given the opportunity to actually work on our aspirations and make them real.


This has nothing to do with faith or religion at all but I believe it is but proper to take a moment each day to appreciate that we wake up each morning. Let us be reminded that each day that we get to have coffee and appreciate the rising sun is a chance to be more and accomplish more.


As the sun comes down at the end of the day signals that an opportunity has ended as much as it signifies that a new beginning will start. We may not have accomplished the many things we wanted in a day but the night is a promise that there will be a tomorrow.


Again this has nothing to do with faith or religion but I know it is but proper to take a moment at the end of each day to appreciate that there is hope as we bid good bye to a day that has ended. Let us be reminded that as we stare at the stars when we close our bedroom windows and turn off the lamp by our bedside, we may have a new beginning tomorrow to be more and achieve more.







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