See the leaves as they turn yellow
As the wind chills and bellow
Watch each Leaf fall onto the ground
Ever so softly without making a sound

Turn the page of an ending book
Commit to memory the time it took
To bid goodbye to a noble character
The final Leaf you’ll remember long after

In autumn a Leaf says farewell
When they’re all gone, it is winter you can tell
As the gloom fades and the sun shine stronger
A leaf shall spring back and bloom to summer

Pick a new manuscript and turn the first Leaf
A wonderful adventure is like new belief
New beginning after each ending
Promise of forever unwinding

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TGIF – hello spring!

It’s been a great week.. thank God it’s Friday!


This has been a much awaited week because the weather’s better, a little crappy but we’re finally saying goodbye to winter. There’s rain shower here and there but I’d rather have that than negative temperatures and snow. I’ve had enough of the winter snow.


I never liked snow and even after I moved to Canada from a tropical country, I have never liked the snow. I don’t enjoy shovelling piles of snow so I can walk without tripping. I don’t find it cute to wear mittens (I can barely touch anything) when it’s -35 degrees celsius out. I get tired of wearing furry boots after a week in winter. I can go on and on with this really.


I remember whenever I go for vacation at my home country; my friends would always joke about me bringing them snow. They like the snow because they don’t have it. They think it’s fashionable to wear heavy winter coat and furry boots and a variety of thick scarves you can barely move your head.


We tend to take things for granted because they’re close at hand and always available or within reach. We tend to miss enjoying the things that we have that others long to get. We tend to forget to appreciate what is right before our eyes.


So I’m glad winter is over but I made a promise to myself that next winter, I will play crazy in the snow, I will build a snow man, I will take beautiful photos of tree branches crowned with snow and have winter fashion fun.


I’m still glad winter’s over and don’t want to sound overly excited about the next but I’ll try to like it. For now, hello spring! I’m so glad you’re here.





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dig deeper

The world is an ever changing place. Everything about it changes so fast that most of the time we can’t keep up. We find ourselves stuck at a moment in time either because it was so awesome where we feel we don’t want to let go or because it was so distressing we cannot find our way out.

We barely realize it but we too change. We change each day because of the choices we make and because of the things that happen to us. In our struggles we try hard to stay afloat and put our best foot forward. We hope to triumph over our problems and win our battles without being scarred. Interestingly, whether we win or lose a fight, we always end up being a different person. We are weakened. We become stronger people. We evolve into someone new. We change.

We hardly notice but we too change. We wake up each day to a brighter day when we are happy and content. We see the trees are greener; we taste our coffee sweeter; we smell spring air thicker and warmer. We are more open to new things and surprises because there is such joy in our hearts that overwhelms us as if nothing can go wrong. When we feel secure we are more willing to take risks. We are delighted. We become optimistic. We evolve into someone new. We change.


The world is an ever changing place. Everything about it changes so fast that most of the time we easily ignore all of its meaning. When we begin to drift in the moment – may it be sorrow or delight, we begin to overlook so many important things. We need to always remember that things have a reason for happening and nothing is Meaningless.

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Crime I need not to pay

As there are actors typecast-ed because they fit the physical profile, so are words that immediately denotes a negative feeling such as Gone. This poem is an attempt to change that.


I lay down on my bed

So soft and well made

I blink for several times

As I put my hands on my sides

Though my eyes were closed

I could feel him whispered

As he comes near me

I felt shivers of bee

When his lips touched my cheeks

It wasn’t sweet and I cried yikes!

I slapped him and blood I saw

He was Gone, I killed a mosquito