How to achieve your goals and wants

We want all sorts of things in life – successful career, happy family, fit body to name a few. We also have so much goals – friendship goals, relationship goals, health goals and so much more. There are lots of information online that we can access that will provide us with specific tips on very specific goals and wants that we want to pursue but realistically there are only 2.

How do you achieve your life’s goals and wants? I’d like to share that on today’s two things Tuesday.

1> Want it

When I was pregnant with my boy, one time I bought a huge bag of hash browns because I saw it on TV and I told myself I want that. The next day, I ended up giving it away coz I don’t want it anymore.

Even after pregnancy, I have a tendency to want something today and realized I don’t really have any desire for it.

One of the many reasons for not achieving your life’s goals and wants is – not wanting something hard enough. We are easily thrown by little struggles and issues along the way. It is vital that we are certain and determined when we want to achieve something.

I wanted to be a CPA and so even if I failed some subjects and got kicked out of school, had to start over, had to stomach staring eyes, had to live with guilt for failing my parents, had to take the licensure exam twice. I made it! Because I want it.

In fact I want it so much, I took another CPA license when I moved in Canada. Now I am proud to be a CPA not once but twice.

2>Do it

Wanting to learn how to bike but not practicing at all is tantamount to nothing. Achieving your goals does not end in wanting it. The hard part towards that goal is actually working on it.

It may be difficult to know where to start of how to begin the journey but if you are determined, nothing is going to stop you; not distance, time, age or money. You just have to take the first step and then everything else will follow.

I wanted a better life for me, my family and my own family-to-be and I’ve decided that I need to move to a different country to achieve that. It is a hard decision as it requires leaving my loved ones, my friends, going out of my comfort zone and starting over from scratch.

I stalled the application for some time because I thought I needed more time to be emotionally prepared. Also, there’s always something great that’s happening to me that makes me think it might not be the best decision.

Until one day, I’ve decided to just jump on the wagon and do it! That was about 4 years ago and soon I will be eligible for citizenship. Goal achieved!


It will take courage, emotional preparedness and will to achieve anything. With the combination of wanting it then doing it plus all the help you can get from friends, family and online – failure will soon be a thing of the past.


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how to prepare for an exam

I recently wrote a major common final examination. I’ve been preparing for this since I decided to start the course. It is déjà vu. I’ve gone through a similar thing more than a decade ago but I had to go through a similar one after moving to this foreign land I now call home. Both times I found trust to be vital.


How do you prepare for an exam? I’d like to share that on today’s two things Tuesday.


1> Do your best

I remember telling my dad one time when he asked me how my school project was doing, I told him “I try my best”. He told me I’m doing it wrong. My dad said that in everything I do, I shouldn’t just be trying. I should DO my best. I was confused then being an 8 year old but now I understand.


We had 8 weeks to prepare for the exam and it seemed short. I had so much topic that I wanted to go back to and caring for a new born is not entirely the perfect timing to be studying for a major exam. But all these things aren’t really obstacles. These are things we often take to make excuses for not focusing on studying, for not keeping with the study plan, for getting unsatisfactory result on practices cases.


I realized I can’t focus on the negatives. I can’t focus on what is stopping me to succeed in this. I need to instead concentrate on the things that I can control and can do something about. It is hard but if you put your mind to it, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. You need to trust yourself that you can do it. Just do your best.


It was especially hard to be getting unsatisfactory results on practices cases throughout the preparation module but the important thing is that I know I am doing my best and that I keep trying to improve as I go; because honestly, that’s all I can do.


2> God will do the rest

God has been with me throughout my journey and in everything I do, I know there’s only so much that I can do. And that the rest is still up to him. It all boils down to his greater plan. It might not exactly be my plan, but I know for sure that it is what is best.


You’ve got to trust the Lord that he will pick up where you left off. He will fill what you’re lacking. He will patch what you are weakest about. You need to trust him that he will be there with you; all the way. And I did. I do.


People of different faith may say this is the part where luck plays a role. Whatever it is, you have to trust that the universe, the creator or luck perhaps, has a role in all this. And trust that things will eventually fall into place.



The preparation is tough but the waiting time is even worse. I don’t know yet how the exam would turn out. But knowing that I did my best and that God’s will will be done gives me comfort that whatever the result will be, I will not have regrets. I will not have what ifs. I will not have anyone to blame yet I have so much to be thankful for. In fact in any endeavour, hard work, trusting yourself and God and making sure that failure won’t bring you down is what it’s all about.



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bad news, good news

I love singing on videoke. It’s probably one of those things that I miss about home. In fact it’s that one thing that’s always on my to-do list whenever I go home for vacation. See, I love singing but singing can’t particularly say the same with me.

I found that for people who are not particularly good in singing, it’s important to know what songs you are able to sing and be able to sound authentically talented. I tried quite a lot of songs – those that I like to sing and luckily, some of them sound fine when I sing it. One of these songs is Turn Back Time by Aqua.


“If only I can turn back time
If only I had said what I still hide
If only I can turn back time
I would stay for the night”

For a moment there, I may have misled you to think that this is about my singing prowess but I actually wanted to talk about time. Have you told yourself, if only you can turn back time? Or maybe I should ask how many times you have told that to yourself.

I have bad news and good news about time. I’d like to share that on today’s two things Tuesday.

1> Bad news: time is never on our side
One of things we have no Control over is time. No one can make it stop or turn it neither faster nor slow. There is no rewind and no replay. Once you forgo a chance at a time, it will be gone; it is gone. We will not be as strong or young as we are now.


You know how it feels like forever when you’re waiting for your friend at the mall when you both agreed to meet after work at 5 pm? You check your watch every minute and though it’s only been 5 minutes since you got there at your meeting place, it feels really annoying that your friend is late – again.

How about when you’re writing an exam when the proctor speaks to inform all of you in the exam room that you need to wrap it up because you have 5 minutes remaining to finish the test? That 5 minutes would totally feel like 5 seconds for sure.

Time is never on our side and though that sounds a little bit on the negative, it is as optimist as it could ever sound as well. I guess all we can really do is to make use of time wisely because time is something we cannot afford to waste.

2> Good news: time is always enough
Have you ever felt like there’s always just not enough time? You wake up late, you’re stuck in traffic, you waited in line at the grocery too long and the day is almost over but there’s so much that needs to be done.

It is kind of hard to believe that time is always enough but it really is. The reason why it does not seem so is because we are more often than not unrealistic to our goals and when we should’ve accomplished them. The reason why time feels like it’s never enough because we need to be better at time management.


So the next time you are tempted to say, “I don’t have time”, think about the 24 long hours that you are given each day. That is enough time to spend with family, friends, work, solitude and rest.

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do you believe?

Love conquers all. I would like to blindly believe that statement simply because it should be and the world is a better place if it is true. The thing is it is not that easy to love another person wholly and unconditionally all the time.


Love is achieved once a relationship is established – parent bond, friendship’s triumphant struggles or a strong romantic connection. When I think of my mom, I think she is an epic example of how love conquers all.


My dad is not exactly a model husband to say the least. He’s done quite enough to make a person fall out of love and yet my mom is head over heels still in love with him for the last three decades.


Personally, I think there are two other things that can be more important than love. I think if you are capable of these two things, love will not be impossible. I’d like to share that on today’s two things Tuesday.


1> Trust

Love is based on trust. We feel safe around the people we love because we know we can trust them not to hurt us or lead us to any harm. When we meet someone for the first time, we develop relationships with them as we go along and then we eventually build a circle of trust. That’s how we become friends with people. As time goes, this trust can evolve into something greater such as love.


What happens when they break this bond of trust? What happens when they lie to us or betray us or lead us to harm for their own gain? When trust is broken, it won’t be long enough before we feel that the love we once felt weakens until it is no longer there.


2> Respect

Love is based on respect. We respect our parents, our partners, our friends and for that we love them. I don’t think it is possible to love someone whom you do not respect at all. I don’t think any love can exist without a certain amount of respect.


When people have wronged us, they lose our respect. We think less of them, they become of little value, they are diminished and soon enough our love is reduced if not lost completely.


I think about couples who decide to go their separate ways. Not all of them fell out of love or fell in love with another. In fact, there are those who thought it better to live separate lives and be happy even if they still care and love each other. This happens because trust or respect was lost along the way and as the song would say, “sometimes love just ain’t enough”.


I think it’s a lot more difficult to gain back a lost love if their trust and respect is gone. When love drifts away and seemed to be lost, as long as there’s trust or respect, love can be restored.


Does love conquer all?






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We all want something

We all want something. When I was a kid I wanted to have more toys. When I started going to school, I wanted to grow faster and finish my studies because I bet you too would agree that school is not too fun with all the home works and projects and all that research not to mention exams and quizzes. When I finally started working, I wanted more things – a car, a house of my own and the list goes on forever. Now that I have a family of my own, I want a lot of things for my kid – a good life to begin with. In all of the things that we want in life may it be material, a better future, success or fulfilment; you have to have at least two things to achieve them. I’d like to share that on today’s two things Tuesday.


1> Will

It is never enough just to want something. Why? Because it’s given – people are insatiable. It is easy to want. You don’t even have to think about what to want. You just do. That want has to be so strong to drive you into making that want a reality. You have to turn that want into inspiration. You have to turn that want into a purpose so that the end goal is to work on it and have it. Take advantage of that want and use it to fuel your inner strength and be determined to get it and check it off your long list of wants.


When I moved to this foreign country to start a new life, I got into a few odd jobs and it was not easy. I graduated in my home country and was able to work in the field that I wanted for as long as I can remember. I couldn’t accept the fact that I’d be waiting tables in a grill or ringing customers in a grocery for the remainder of my career that I worked hard for. Despite not wanting to go back to school, I had to. I’m still working on it but if I keep on passing, I’d finally be done before the year ends. It is not easy but I know it’s worth it.


2> Means

Nurturing that want to become strong and inspire you is not the end of your journey to achieve your want. It is equally important to find the means or create the means to realize it. If you want a new car, you have to have money to buy it. If you want to finish school you have to stop skipping your classes. If you want to lose weight you have to take some time to exercise or watch your diet. Whatever means you think is necessary is as important as turning that want into an inspiration.


I knew I had to go back to studying and finish a few more courses to get back to my field of study. And to do that, I can’t stay on odd jobs. I need a better paying job so I can support my school. I didn’t give up looking for a better job even if it took me months. I was frustrated a dozen times but I cannot give up. I have the will to keep me going.


Acceptance is vital. Accept the fact that getting what we want is not as easy as picking up a fallen strawberry. We don’t always get what we want but we get what we deserve. So work hard and deserve what you want. It’s all in your hands.






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All about your craft


In my entire blogging experience which has not been too long, there are two things I found to be true. I’d like to share that on today’s two things Tuesday.

  1. Know yourself

It is quite impossible to share your work to others if you haven’t decided what you really want. Ask yourself, why do you write? Why do you want to write? Identify your purpose for writing.

In the beginning I was just writing for myself or so I thought. I didn’t care if anyone read my blogs or if anyone actually like them. It was more of overcoming confidence then. I didn’t trust myself that I can write. I didn’t believe myself that I have things to say that is worth other people’s time.

I had a lot of struggles – inconsistency, lack of focus, short of reason, waiting for inspiration, writers’ block and the list goes on. I needed to know my strengths and use them and identify my weaknesses so I can find ways to turn them into strengths. That is easier said than done. But I did it and everyday I choose to do it.

It helped a lot getting to know myself. I found my purpose and I found fulfillment.

  1. Know others

You may tell yourself “I write for myself” but the fact that you publish your work means you want people to care about the things you care about. You want readers to take in what you say and ponder on it. Because if you truly are just writing for yourself, you don’t need to blog; you just need a notebook and start a diary.

Knowing others does not mean you have to write for other people. It’s just equally important to know other people (may it be your follower, the general public or whoever) so you can consider them when you write.

Consider others in the sense that, you need to write stronger blogs to intrigue your readers. Or offer your readers something after reading your article or your poem. Your readers do not have to agree with you on what you write but the essence of sharing your craft is to provoke them or affect them.

I always think of writing (or sharing your craft) as a two-way street. You give and you get or you give and other people take.

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