About Me

A writer and poet by heart. An aspiring public speaker. An accountant by profession.

A non-conformist. A deep conversationalist.  A dedicated creature.

An excited traveler. A reliable friend. The worst enemy.

A stubborn sibling. A disciplined daughter. A dedicated wife.


My name is taH Villanueva and if you find yourself reading this page, that suggests that we have interests in common. Words are your passion and writing ignites your inner self and gives you the feeling of being able to effect a change if not in the world, to another person and their world.

I find it irresistible to play with words and syllables to compose a poem; I have so much thought that I want to share to let people know they are not alone; I make the most of any travel opportunity and reveal those places; I write for a reason and no reason.  I know I have a small voice but that voice can be loud enough to affect people.

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