bad news, good news

I love singing on videoke. It’s probably one of those things that I miss about home. In fact it’s that one thing that’s always on my to-do list whenever I go home for vacation. See, I love singing but singing can’t particularly say the same with me.

I found that for people who are not particularly good in singing, it’s important to know what songs you are able to sing and be able to sound authentically talented. I tried quite a lot of songs – those that I like to sing and luckily, some of them sound fine when I sing it. One of these songs is Turn Back Time by Aqua.


“If only I can turn back time
If only I had said what I still hide
If only I can turn back time
I would stay for the night”

For a moment there, I may have misled you to think that this is about my singing prowess but I actually wanted to talk about time. Have you told yourself, if only you can turn back time? Or maybe I should ask how many times you have told that to yourself.

I have bad news and good news about time. I’d like to share that on today’s two things Tuesday.

1> Bad news: time is never on our side
One of things we have no Control over is time. No one can make it stop or turn it neither faster nor slow. There is no rewind and no replay. Once you forgo a chance at a time, it will be gone; it is gone. We will not be as strong or young as we are now.


You know how it feels like forever when you’re waiting for your friend at the mall when you both agreed to meet after work at 5 pm? You check your watch every minute and though it’s only been 5 minutes since you got there at your meeting place, it feels really annoying that your friend is late – again.

How about when you’re writing an exam when the proctor speaks to inform all of you in the exam room that you need to wrap it up because you have 5 minutes remaining to finish the test? That 5 minutes would totally feel like 5 seconds for sure.

Time is never on our side and though that sounds a little bit on the negative, it is as optimist as it could ever sound as well. I guess all we can really do is to make use of time wisely because time is something we cannot afford to waste.

2> Good news: time is always enough
Have you ever felt like there’s always just not enough time? You wake up late, you’re stuck in traffic, you waited in line at the grocery too long and the day is almost over but there’s so much that needs to be done.

It is kind of hard to believe that time is always enough but it really is. The reason why it does not seem so is because we are more often than not unrealistic to our goals and when we should’ve accomplished them. The reason why time feels like it’s never enough because we need to be better at time management.


So the next time you are tempted to say, “I don’t have time”, think about the 24 long hours that you are given each day. That is enough time to spend with family, friends, work, solitude and rest.

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