comfort zone

As we journey life, we gradually construct a bubble where we cushion ourselves from eminent threat, fear of failure and bad luck. We try to make that bubble as sturdy and impenetrable as we can. We know we’ll be safe as long as we stay there.

When life throws us a curve ball, we struggle to dodge it then kick it out of the way. When changes like this happen, we worry. We trouble ourselves about the safety of our bubble and totally digress our focus from what really matters.

A safe zone is not always going to hold. We need to be prepared for anything that life will throw at us. Building a wall to stop change or weaving a trap to catch danger is not the things we need to be prepared. We need to think about preparations as being strong.

We will be afraid. We will be shaken. We might fall. We might lose. But we need not fear. We need not be Nervous. We will prevail. We will rise above it.



  1. wonderful! I think same. I have curled myself into a safety ball, and mostly is to protect ourselves, but recently I decided to do all of those things that I dreamed of doing but I was just afraid.

    I want to prove myself how much I can achieve!


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