in the end

Growing up with a seemingly in-affectionate, unemotional, all-criticism man for a dad was not easy. Being a child of 5 who haven’t gone to school and who has not a lot of friends who have dads at all made it somehow normal.

There’s a vivid memory of supper without water on your glasses because you’re not supposed to drink until you’re done eating. No one is allowed to talk during supper because it is not the time for storytelling and should focus on just eating.

Growing up trying so hard to be perfect despite the fact that perfect does not exist. Doing everything to gain acknowledgement for hard work and yet getting nothing but criticism. Not feeling loved but filling the heart with ideas of affection and care.

Not all sad childhood are broken. Not all dysfunctional family are wrecked. Some arise and become successful. Some end up inspired and content. Let us not Criticize what we know little about.

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