right words at the right time

Four months in the accountant role in a new company, Kate was ecstatic! She moved in to the city less than a year ago and has been so eager to land a real job after working too many odd jobs here and there. Kate was hired on a temporary position to take over someone’s post that’s going on maternity leave.

Carol, the manager called her into the office. Kate silently wondered what this urgent meeting could be about. Phil, her senior accountant was there and another senior accountant from another group. Kate’s hands went numb as she sat at the end of the long meeting table. The manager started talking but she was overwhelmed with all she’s hearing that she cannot completely comprehend what is being said. She picked out a few significant words, enough for her to understand. “.. you will be transferred to..”, “.. will handle 6 accounts and..”, “.. train the new person to replace you on..”.

That month end reporting, Kate ended up handling 6 accounts instead of the 1 account she was originally hired for plus training the new person to take over the one account while Carol expected her to accomplish everything at the speed of a 5-year tenured accountant. Kate wanted the job so much but all these are just more than Overwhelming

One morning, she found a note at her desk from her senior accountant and it made all the difference:

Hey Kate,

Don’t worry about Carol’s comments. Anyone with pride learns here one way or another within the first 6 months; to swallow their pride/ask for help to get things done now, ask more detailed question for understanding later. In my opinion, that conversation around expectations on doing multiple accounts now versus one before should have happened before month end.

You’re doing a great job!



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