Her family lived in a small home. She and her sister share a room with their parents. Every day at 4 in the morning, she wakes up at the Scent of her dad’s after shave. Even after more than a decade that her parents decided to call it quits, she would always remember the scent of an unbroken family.

She worked hard to finish school. She studied tirelessly so she can get into the best universities. Her perseverance paid off and she was admitted as a scholar in one of the best universities of the country. The smell of city pollution and sidewalk vendors became the Scent of a promise – the promise of success.

Life has never been easy for her. She had to work out of the country and leave the man of her dreams so they may have a chance in life. She came to the foreign land in winter – a cold, blunt and tasteless winter. The Scent of snow as the flakes fell reminds her of home far away.

She sat by the porch; her nose filled by the aroma of hot coffee she held on her hand as she rocks the chair and watch the birds chirp by. The scent of a new day is the Scent of hope.


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