What it takes for you to care?

It’s a holiday.

It’s winter.

It’s the perfect day to sleep in.


My husband got ready for his shift (because his job requires him to be at work even on holidays) and as he started the car, it didn’t.  But because it’s a holiday, I don’t have to be at work and it’s the perfect day to sleep in, I forgot it is winter. I forgot to plug the car in overnight and it was -31 C real feel. Now I’m not at all surprised the car won’t start.


We tend to neglect the things that don’t affect us or bother us. We tend to dismiss the importance of events because it does not relate to us. It probably reflects that each of us is selfish at some degree or that some of us simply don’t care. If we follow this train of thought, it is simple then how we can engage people; how we can make them care and how we can make people get involved. On important issues such as peace and global warming or even about faith – we can engage people by making it all about them; all about each individual person. We have the idea of a solution but how to make it happen is entirely a different story. And how to make an idea work is another totally different conversation. But maybe after each of us comes to the conclusion that these issues such as peace, global warming and drug problems affects us, then maybe we will start to care, we will start to get involve.


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