GPTW – Great Place To Work

The last company I worked for before pressing the restart button on my life was a great place to work. I became a mentor, a leader, a speaker, a fulfilled professional and a writer. All these things that I’ve always wanted and thought to be impossible.

Below is an excerpt from a newsletter (profile) article I wrote about a successful project manager.


Every journey is coupled with challenges. At times, it may feel that these circumstances are meant to make things difficult but rather, these tests hone us to be tough. It takes us to a higher level of faith and value formation that only life’s experience can teach us. In the narration of one’s life, what has transpired, what has become of one’s decision and choices, how it affected the lives of others and how it eventually defines our very own personality cannot be completely depicted by mere words.
Life begins not as we were born
It gears and starts as we swim on our own
Our family is our inspiration and core
For them we aspire to keep ashore
Success is a future to be traveled not alone
And is best achieved with people we hone
Integrity and value we always have to uphold
For it shall be how we should lead and scold
Mommy Lita is our emblem and pillar
To whom we look up to like a stellar
Her leadership is felt and cannot be altered
One of the best I have yet discovered


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