Dark and twisty

How important is appearance? They say don’t judge the book by its cover but really, people judge anything by what is seen. It has nothing to do with being prejudice or shallow. It is simply logical. Getting past the exterior is where one becomes prejudice or shallow. Some just couldn’t get past what is seen by the naked eye. It takes patience, understanding and a great deal of effort to look beyond what the eyes can see.

I know a person. He is not cheery. He hates small talks. His brows are crossed when he’s simply looking blankly. He’s got a poker face. Your initial reaction when you see him is to move along and stay away. But we are friends because we are both dark and twisty. I have no recollection of how two beings, disinterested in the world and of all else that’s on it became friends. All I know is that we both got past the ugly exterior – the moping face, the i-don’t-care facade. We both ignored the appearance and saw the interior.



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